A Comprehensive Vocabulary Guide to Nuts & Seeds in Spanish (2023)

A Comprehensive Vocabulary Guide to Nuts & Seeds in Spanish (1)

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Whether you eat them for their awesome health benefits or their unique taste, here is a useful vocabulary guide of nuts in Spanish. Nuts and seeds are popular all over the world and have various health benefits.

Tag along with me to discover all types of nuts and seeds in Spanish.

Nuts (Las nueces)

Las nueces are fruits that come from plants and are usually covered by a hard external shell. The difference between these and other fruits is that nuts are dried and usually contain only one or two seeds.

Here is a list of common—and some not so common—nuts in Spanish.

Nuts in Spanish

acornslas bellotas
almondslas almendras
araucaria nutslas nueces de araucaria
brazil nutslas nueces de Brasil
bunya bunya nutslas nueces de bunya
candlenutslas nueces de cera
cashewslos anacardos
chestnutslas castañas
coconutel coco
ginkgo nutslas nueces de ginkgo
hazelnutslas avellanas
hickory nutslas nueces de nogal (americano)
karuka nutslas nueces de karuka
kola nutslas nueces de cola
macadamia nutslas nueces de macadamia

Example Sentences

Las nueces son ricas en vitaminas y minerales.
Nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Las nueces son importantes para prevenir enfermedades del corazón.
Nuts are important to prevent heart diseases.

Las nueces ayudan a regular el peso incluyendo grasas saludables en nuestra dieta.
Nuts help to regulate weight by including healthy fats in our diet.

Un puñado de nueces es suficiente para tener efectos positivos en la salud.
A handful of nuts is enough to have positive effects on our health.

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Las bellotas son ingredientes geniales para preparar avena o pasteles.
Acorns are great ingredients to prepare porridge or cakes.

A Comprehensive Vocabulary Guide to Nuts & Seeds in Spanish (2)

More Nuts in Spanish

mongongo nutslas nueces de mongongo
paradise nutslas castañas de pará
peanutslas manías or los maníes
pecanslas pecanas
pine nutslos piñones
pistachio nutslos pistachos
red bopple nutslas nueces rojas
soy nutslas nueces de soja
walnutslas nueces de castilla

Example Sentences

Las almendras son comunes en California.
Almonds are common in California.

Podemos comer almendras crudas o asadas.
We can eat raw or roasted almonds.

Las nueces de Brasil son una gran fuente de Vitamina E y proteína.
Brazil nuts are a great source of Vitamin E and protein.

Las castañas crecen en todo el mundo.
Chestnuts grow all around the world.

Las pecanas son ampliamente usadas para hacer pasteles deliciosos.
Pecans are widely used to make delicious cakes.

Mi sabor de helado favorito es el pistacho.
My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio.

Seeds (Las semillas)

Las semillas are embryonic plants surrounded by a “seed cover,” which differs completely from that of nuts, as this cover is thin and soft in contrast to the nuts’ hard shell.

Seeds are more common as condiments or spices, but they also have astonishing health benefits.

Seeds Vocabulary

chia seedslas semillas de chía
flax seedslas semillas de lino
nutmegla nuez moscada
poppy seedslas semillas de amapola
pumpkin seedslas semillas de calabaza
sesame seedsel ajonjolí
sunflower seedslas semillas de girasol

Example Sentences

Las semillas de chía son una gran fuente de proteína y fibra.
Chia seeds are a great source of protein and fiber.

Estoy horneando un pastel con semillas de lino.
I am baking a pie with flax seeds.

La nuez moscada le da un sabor especial a los postres.
Nutmeg gives desserts a special flavor.

Las semillas de calabaza son comunes en muchas comidas latinoamericanas.
Pumpkin seeds are common in many Latin American dishes.

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Parts of a Nut

Nuts are quite unique species of fruit that we can eat in many ways. We need to crack open most nuts while we can eat raw seeds right out of their plants!

Here are some words to refer to the parts of nuts in Spanish.

Parts of Most Nuts in Spanish

  • cáscara dura – hard shell
  • semilla – seed or edible part

Debes romper la cáscara dura para comer una nuez.
You have to break the hard shell to eat a nut.

A Comprehensive Vocabulary Guide to Nuts & Seeds in Spanish (3)

Parts of a Coconut in Spanish

  • corteza – husk
  • carne – kernel
  • leche – coconut water

Me encanta la carne del coco.
I love the coconut’s kernel.

A Comprehensive Vocabulary Guide to Nuts & Seeds in Spanish (4)

Parts of an Acorn in Spanish

  • nuez – cotyledon or nut
  • cúpula – cupule
  • estigma – stem

¡Las bellotas no son sólo para las ardillas! Podemos comerlas también.
Acorns are not only for squirrels! We can eat them too.

Nut Allergies

Sadly, some people cannot enjoy some delicious nuts or seeds because of their allergies. If you fit in among this group, these words and phrases about nut allergies in Spanish are for you!

  • la alergia a las nueces – nut allergy
  • la alergia severa – severe allergy
  • la anafilaxia – anaphylaxis
  • la urticaria – urticaria

Example Sentences

Soy alérgico a casi todas las nueces.
I am allergic to almost all nuts.

¿El pastel tiene nuez de castilla?
Does the cake have walnuts?

Por favor, no le agregues nuez moscada al pastel.
Please, don’t add nutmeg to the cake.

¿Eres alérgico a las nueces?
Are you allergic to nuts?

Las manías son uno de los alimentos más comunes que causan alergias severas.
Peanuts are one of the most common foods to cause severe allergies.

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El síntoma más común en una alergia por nueces es la urticaria.
The most common symptom for a nut allergy is urticaria.

Las nueces pueden causar reacciones como hinchazón de labios y de garganta.
Nuts can cause reactions like swelling of the lips and throat.

Una reacción alérgica severa se llama anafilaxia.
A severe allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis.

El ajonjolí es la semilla que más probablemente causa alergias.
Sesame seeds are the most likely to cause allergies among seeds.

Ways To Eat Nuts

According to their origin, we can eat nuts in several ways. Some go through some processing before we eat them and some come to our plates straight from the tree! Here are some ways to eat nuts in Spanish.

  • las nueces puras – raw nuts
  • las nueces secas – dried nuts
  • las nueces hervidas – boiled
  • las nueces asadas – roasted nuts

Example Sentences

Es mejor comer almendras asadas.
It is better to eat roasted nuts.

Las bellotas pueden ser tóxicas si las comemos puras.
Acorns can be toxic if we eat them raw.

Debemos hervir las nueces de ginkgo antes de comerlas.
We have to boil ginkgo nuts before we eat them.

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