Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (2022)

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (1)

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (2)

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May 05, 2022 6 min read

California makes a name for itself every year in every kind of field and department. Things seem to be vibrant and in epic proportions. A melting pot of cultures with an open-mindedness to explore possibilities has truly deserved the name of the “Golden State”. Since virtually everything is on a grand scale, camp festivals just get bigger and wilder.

Sunshine all year round brings out the joy and festive mood from locals and visitors. Artists and bands from across the globe grew fond of the state and make it their second home. California is always in a state of excitement and the buzz never really fades for festival tent camping. So, if you are planning to be a part of this merry euphoria, here is a list of what festivals to look out for.

Lucidity Festival

April8, 2020 - April10, 2022 atLive Oak Campground in Santa Barbara, California

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (3)

image source: @amandalaphotography

West coast is ready to expand the vision and horizon in creating a lively family-style camp festival. Not necessarily for the environmentally conscious, this is a campground where groundbreaking music instills positive trends. Activities on offer encourage participants to be enlightened from self-discovery in each themed-camp. The creative endeavors cover meditative and reflective elements while staying relaxed. The Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara, California has enough space to accommodate RVs as long there is some room to roam around without bothering thy camping neighbor. The alternative-rock-loving fest urges attendees to bring your camp supplies to be safe to have good clean fun.

Coachella Music Festival

Apr. 15-17 and Apr. 22-24, 2022 atEmpire Polo Club in Indio, California

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (4)

image source: @calder via @coachella

The much-coveted camp music festival is even more promising than ever. A galore of camping options provided on the scene for the environmentally-friendly to the rich and affluent. Notably, there are available suggestions on nearby areas to crash. The biggest event of the year summons international stars, from past and present of various musical backgrounds, Moreover, emerging stars are invited who wishes to aspire to hit the limelight. The event is split into two 3-day events in April. Held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, the extravagant jamboree is going to dominate headlines and it continues to evolve culturally.

(Video) Collie Buddz Live at California Roots Festival 2022 HD

Untz Festival

May13- 15, 2022 at Sycamore Ranch in Browns Valley, Northern California.

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (5)

Image source: Daniella Hughes at

The festival kicks off its 5th year, shifting to a new location, away from Mariposa fairgrounds. The 3-day fest will serve the best of what underground bass music has to offer. Keeping fans busy dancing through the night.

The center of interest will showcase dazzling art, productive workshops, and outlandish production sets. On-site walk-in camping is no different for this year with the usual first-come, first-serve tradition. On top of that, resources are available for your glamping tent needs too.

Hog Farm Hangout

June10 - 12, 2022 at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California.

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (6)

Image source:

The Hog Farm community has a bit of history going back to the days of the Woodstock music festival. It would not be crazy to say that this collective community were akin to “Doctors without borders” - but for music lovers and counterculturist.

The movement transitioned to an event loaded with a creative space for kids (Kids-Landia), a healing sanctuary, visual art installation, and even a zone for the free-minded free-thinkers. Both walk-in camping and car camping are available, so better be quick to place your bell tents in the lush Californian open meadow.

High Sierra Music Festival

June20 - July 3, 2022 at Plumas County Fairgrounds in East Quincy, California.

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (7)

Image Source: @highsierramusic

(Video) Inside a Neo Nazi Music Festival | Decade of Hate

The 4th of July celebrations will begin as early asJune30th for festival seekers. Organizers are pulling out all the stops to present all sorts of musical genres that will be on display. Going strong for 30 years, bands that took the stage were Star Kitchen, Birds of Chicago, Ween, Turkuaz, and plenty more.

Besides the music, tickle your taste buds with a variety of snacks, purchase exceptional handicrafts, or be a part of the festivities in a parade. There are options to camp on-site or off-site. The Shady Grove campground is a wonderful spot to have canvas tents for the family.

Northern Nights

July15 - 17, 2022 at Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, California.

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (8)

Image Source: @_peter_the_creator

Cook’s Valley Campground is going to be home for all the 18+ year-old attendees, opening the gates to newcomers and seasoned campers. Special features that will highlight the festival area are the deep swimming holes and a large camping grove. Electronic music’s finest like Zhu, Mr. Carmack, Jai Wolf, and G Jones have cranked up the bass in earlier shows. 6 stages are on offer, including, a silent disco stage.

If you are looking to unwind, then lay on the hammock lounge or treat yourself to a selection of specialty bars. This camping music festival has a lot of lodging options to choose from. New and seasoned campers are spoilt for choices by either picking premium, vehicle, or general camping.

Nocturnal Wonderland

Sept 17-182022 at Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino, California.

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (9)

Image Source:

Formerly known as the Nocturnal Festival, the fest is a firm believer of inclusivity and upholding a positive spirit. Since its formation in 1995, the dance floor has met with many forms of electronic music over the years. Behold the towering and yet, colorful superstructures with whimsical performers that enchant your curiosity. Ravers that take part in the music fest are labeled “the Headliner”.

With the belief of expressing the best of yourself, the festival sparks positive vibes, and values respecting the space and people around. The distance to the camp festival entrance is close to the 3-night lakeside and waterfront camping, for those who want to embrace the scenic waterfront location.

Dirtybird Campout

October 7 - 9, 2022 at Modesto Reservoir Regional Park in Waterford, California.

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (10)

Image Source:

A brainchild of Claude VonStroke, the founder of the Dirtybird record label and camp festival event, will bring forth the 17th year of astonishing wonders. The House music producer extraordinaire sets out to create a family atmosphere with campers and DJs partying together on the same stage. Family is the tone where everyone interacts with everyone regardless of status.

You can get crafty by making your own souvenirs or partake in untraditional games like Tour de Dance cycle race. The details of camping packages are coming soon, however, the venue has room for a simple bell tent or vehicle/RV camping. Vehicle or RV passes must be purchased separately.

(Video) Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally [Crossroads 2010] (Official Live Video)

Desert Daze

Sept 30 - Oct 2,2022 at Moreno Beach in Lake Perris, California

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (11)

Image Source:

Like the name of the music festival, daze into the backdrop of the striking Southern Californian desert valley. In the same fashion, transcend the mind to the galore of the multi-genre tunes. Glam up your camping stay at Moreno Beach, situated at Lake Perris, by hanging out at the Moreno Beach Club or enjoy picnic break.

This is a one of a kind location where all kinds of land is within reach. Each stage is in different land sites which gives the impression of visiting different worlds. Immersive art, projectionists, and a panel of film talks will be on deck. Whoever is camping, must get a camping pass with the ticket. Moreover, revel in their furnished bell tent packages to get the best out of the holidays.

Hangtown Music Festival

October 20-22 2022 at the El Dorado County Fair & Event Center in Placerville, California.

Killer California Camping Music Festivals for 2022 (12)

Image Source: ALAN SHECKTER on

Before Halloween, the annual music fest is a combination of campground and fairground. The essence of the campground merged with the spirit of a fairground, rolled into one. Keeping in mind with combination, the musical mix of genres with the likes of Railroad Earth, Dirty Revival, Fruition, and The Motet have strummed their way to fans’ hearts.

Each day has a costume-themed event, however, the theme is truly less on the spooky side. The only closest thing to a Halloween tradition is the pumpkin carving contest. There is a showcase of late night shows where a separate ticket needs to be purchased. There is a choice between walk-in camping or car/RV camping. The difference is on how distant the camping music festival is from your vehicle.

Final Words

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There just isn't enough time in the year to hit them all, but see what you can do. And if you need a fancy the best festival camping tentto sleep in then check out our Life inTents bell tent option for have a comfortable place to recharge.

Feel free to leave a comment if we’ve missed any or if you have tips to share!

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